Learning Jiu Jitsu Is Like Learning A Different Language

Learning Jiu Jitsu Is Like Learning A Different Language


A Friend once told me learning Jiu Jitsu is like learning a new language. Boy was I in for a surprise...

When you learn a new language you will suck at it and that is the same with Jiu Jitsu.

when you first start bjj you have to learn what the positions are and learn how to move your body in a completely new way.

It took me well over a year to get any real grasp on Jiu Jitsu, Don't worry that will take time.

Everyone is different, some people can train daily and other's once a week, the more time you put in like anything else the faster you learn.

When You first start you will learn to speak a couple of words (positions eg side control etc) of many in this new language you have set your mind to learn.

By Blue Belt you might be able to speak in part sentences (knowing positions and submissions, how they work but not fully understanding how they flow together. Yet )

But as you get further along and closer to Purple Belt, You will start to understand what others are saying and yours and other Jiu Jitsu Brothers and Sister language will make more sense in what your saying. ( knowing how to how to escape, and starting to tie submissions together )

By Brown you will understand and be able to speak full sentences (knowing how to set up submissions, starting to make opponents move into submissions. The Jiu Jitsu Language will become easy to speak and understand.

By Black Belt, The most wanted belt in Jiu Jitsu, You can speak to fluent and converse in the Special Jiu Jitsu Language and Your Hard work has been 100% worth every tap, sweat and the days you wished you hadn't come in.

Where are you at in your Jiu Jitsu Journey? Do you Need a go too Jiu Jitsu Language guide?

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